Norsk Wax


Future growth

Contemporary forestry practice creates clear cuttings that are replanted with seedlings produced by forest nurseries. These seedlings are attractive feeding objects for the large pine weevil and must be protected. For more than 20 years Norsk Wax have been working on a new technology – a special wax that provides an insecticide free plant protection.

Our wax product KVAAE is applied to the lower seedling stem prior to planting. This creates a non-toxic mechanical barrier that prevents the large pine weevil from feeding on the waxed part of the plant for up to two growth seasons. The KVAAE product series consists of wax and application equipment for the forest industry.


Professional Agriculture

In modern agricultural technology grape plants are produced by grafting together selected scion and rootstock materials. In this production process wax is used to protect the jointed plant surfaces from desiccation and fungus attacks.

Proagriwax is our tradename for a range of wax products used for this agricultural activity. The different Proagriwax products have specific physical properties so that they are suitable for various production steps and growth conditions.